Special Editions

Special Productions by Ars Cantus

Box collections, Historical Editions and Posters

Prestige Collection

Collection 11 CD

It contains the last eleven CDs produced by Ars Cantus. A prestigious collection, embellished with elegant gold finishes. Thirty years of Great Music gathered in a single edition.

N ° series CD from 04 to 14 Clic here for details on the music content of the CDs

XXV Anniversary

Collection 4 CD

Made to celebrate the anniversary of Ars Cantus.

It contains four CDs containing the recordings of the Great Choral Symphonic pieces, in particular the Great Sacred Works, realized by Ars Cantus.

N° series CD 08-09-10-11 Clic here for details on the music content of the CDs


Christmas 1997

The first audio production of Ars Cantus.

– “La notte” di Vivaldi – “V movimento dellla III Sinfonia” di Mahler – “IV Concerto Brandeburghese” di Bach – “Mission suite” di Morricone – “La Vergine degli Angeli” di Verdi

Not available, copies sold out.


Christmas 1999

The first video production of Ars Cantus – Concert of 12 December 1999, Sala Verdi del Consevatorio, Milan.

IX Sinfonia di Beethoven – John Williams “Home Alone”

Limited number of copies available.


Plan of the Symphony Orchestra

Made in the 10th Anniversary of Ars Cantus, project and graphics by Lorenzo Alzati.

The plan that shows all the Voices and Instruments of the Symphony Orchestra and their place in the symphonic group.

dimensions about 100×60 – click on the image to zoom in

Limited number of copies available.