Saturday, November 25, 2017, at 21:00 – Basilica of S.Simpliciano, Milan – Piazza S. Simpliciano, 7 – Free entrance

Concert for PIAMS – Pontifical Ambrosiano Institute for Sacred Music


On Your Word

—> See the Explanation of the Don Norberto Valli Program

Claude Debussy 1862-1918

La Mer (The Sea) Three Orchestral Sketches For Orchestra, L109 —> Watch Trailer —> Watch Some Extracts From the Prima

De l’aube à midi sur la mer – From dawn at noon on the sea
Jeux de vagues – Wave Games
Dialogue du vent et de la mer – Dialogue of wind and sea


Franz Joseph Haydn 1732-1809

“Nelson” Mass for Solos, Choir and Orchestra —> Look at some extracts from the Prima

Gloria – Qui tollis – Quoniam Tu solus
I believe – Et incarnatus – Et resurrexit
Sanctus – Benedict / Osanna
Agnus Dei – Dona nobis pacem